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About Coach

Growing up, team sports didn't interest me. I did some competitive skiing in high school but didn't get a taste of the camaraderie and motivation that can come from a team sport. In my freshman year of college I decided to give rugby a try. Why not jump right into a sport like that? I was hooked right away and the fire for intense physical activity had been lit.

Turning Point

After nearly 10 years in the corporate world, I had started to get physically and mentally stagnant. I had no passion for my work and needed a 24-hour notice to go for a walk. This was not a path that I intended to be on and as I started to gain weight and lose energy, I knew something had to change. I knew very little about fitness at the time so I started searching for personal trainers to help get me off the hamster wheel. In my search, I found a CrossFit gym less than a mile from my house, and just like that first hit in rugby got me hooked, my intro session at CrossFit left me with a wake-up call. I was terribly out of shape but I loved the "athletic practice" feeling that I had after my first session.

Motivation & Passion

What motivates me the most as a coach is seeing regular, average humans make meaningful and significant changes. It's certainly impressive to watch all-star athletes hit impressive numbers but hearing a client report that they have been taken off of blood pressure medication is so much more fulfilling to me.

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