Kayti Hanson

Kayti Hanson


20 Rep Back Squat: 185

Deadlift: 275

6:15 Mile

API: 365+ Reps

6:45 Annie Time


CrossFit Level 1 Certification

NCAA Division 2 Assistant Coach 2015-2017

NCAA Division 1 Athlete 2011-2015

Strength and Conditioning Coach for Elk River High School

Strength and Speed 2011-2015

About Coach

I grew up with a love of sports. Was a 3 sport varsity athlete from 8-12 grade with two State Championships for Elk River High School. Went on to play division 1 softball at Western Kentucky University. We won 3 conference titles, went to NCAAs twice, and broke many team records along the way. WKU was also my first introduction to CrossFit. I went on to coach softball for the University of Minnesota Duluth softball program. Decided collegiate coaching wasn’t my passion and got my Master of Science in Speech Pathology at the University of Wisconsin Madison. This was the first time in my life I didn’t have the athletic competitiveness and family aspect of a team integrated into my daily life. I felt the withdrawals big time. One thing lead to another and I joined a CrossFit gym in Madison to hopefully fill that void and it stuck! I was then lucky enough to find NorthStrong when I moved back to the Twin Cities.

Turning Point

We all have those people in our lives that doubt our potential. Unfortunately, sometimes those individuals are people who hold weight in our lives such as coaches, bosses, family members, or even friends. During my early teen years, I had a coach who did not believe in my potential as an athlete. I rode the bench for most of that particular season. I had to decide if I would let this coach crush my own dreams and confidence as an athlete, or find a coach who saw me and wanted to help me achieve my goals. Long story short, I left my community program after that season and tried out for an elite program. I made that elite team. I found a coach who saw my potential and wanted to help me achieve my goals and dreams. The rest is history. I found out that you only need to believe in your goals and it’s important you protect them with all you have. It doesn’t matter if someone in “power” doesn’t see your potential. Keep working and eventually, everyone will see you succeed.

Motivation & Passion

I love giving back what I’ve received through sports. CrossFit is one avenue for me to do this. I love working with new members who may feel lost or overwhelmed by the world of CrossFit because we’ve all been there (and in reality still are). Watching members progress in a skill, increase weight in a lift, or complete a workout faster than before is so exciting for me. I get pumped for the little things!

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