Andrew Eccless

Andrew Eccless

Coach, Physical Therapist

Squat snatch: 140 Sub 7 minute mile Mobility a gymnast would be envious of ‘Question of the Day’ expert


Doctorate of Physical Therapy

CrossFit Level 1

About Coach

I’ve always been motivated by movement and optimizing health and wellness. This drove me to become a physical therapist. Becoming a coach further allows me to express my passion for movement while helping others meet and exceed their fitness goals! As a collegiate soccer player, I always appreciated working out and being in a team atmosphere. CrossFit classes have the same feel of everyone huffing and puffing together for a common goal!

Turning Point

I had a very Michael Jordan-esk high school moment in my sport. As a player vying for the varsity squad, I was disappointed when I didn’t make the team at an age I thought I would. I contemplated quitting. After fighting this inner struggle, it motivated me to push harder than ever. I have always carried a chip on my shoulder, and I continue to allow that to push me to be at my best and be in control of my destiny whenever possible.

Motivation & Passion

I coach because I enjoy seeing people learn more about themselves within the movement as well as surprise themselves with what they didn’t think they would be capable of. This pushes me to give all my athletes the best experience so they can get the most out of it!

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