Brian Severns

Brian Severns


Bench: 330x2, Deadlift 505x1, Strict Press: 220x1, Double Body Weight Farmer Carry for 50 meters, Murph: 41:58 Rx, multiple marathons and ultra marathons


Crossfit Level 1 Certification, ACE Personal Training Certification, Crossfit Gymnastics Course Certification, Complete Human Performance Certification

About Coach

I spent years training for marathons and competitive swimming before getting serious in the weight room. Then years chasing heavy weights and intense metcons. The past three years has been a careful melding of these modalities that allow me to train both simultaneously: hitting heavy squats and bench press early in the week followed by 30 miles of running on the weekends. I deeply love both and refused to give either up. It only took 20 years to learn how to put them together! It was totally worth the wait.

Turning Point

Around the age of 30, I developed two separate injuries in my right leg (Achilles tendonitis and compartment syndrome) that prevented me from running. I visited several doctors and clinics and tried a few different trends searching for some kind of cure and was always told that surgery was my only option and in all likelihood, symptoms would only be lessened. I kept trying to run. I'd head out the door and make it a half mile before my foot went numb and then limp my way home, defeated. I felt as though my entire identity was lost. In a desperate effort to maintain fitness I began lifting weights. I had always steered away from dumbbells and barbells because getting bulky is supposedly a runner's worst enemy. But I needed something. It was pretty fun and that was soon followed by my first Crossfit class. It was the first time in years that I felt like I had accomplished something even close to what I felt running. Over the following ten years, I noticed I was able to run 400 and 800 meters in classes. Then make my way through some miles during Murph. I started looking for information on how to train in the weight room and for running concurrently and after a few years of trying different modalities and programs am on par with personal records twenty years old. It's been one of the most liberating experiences of my life, I learned so much through the process, and I feel like I've found myself again!

Motivation & Passion

Some qualities I try to create in my classes and personal sessions include curiosity, investigation, a willingness to give one's best, and self-compassion. These are things that everyone, no matter how experienced you are in the gym, can benefit from. I love working with anyone who is looking for a shift in training - new members looking to get started, experienced members looking to bust through plateaus, and anyone looking to add new modalities to their training that doesn't align with what they already do.

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